A wet day

In my wildest dreams I had never dared to imagine what I have experienced. Last Sunday I went to the pool with my girlfriend, we often relax on a Sunday in a swimming pool where you have a nice bubble bath and a sauna and a heated large swimming pool where you can also get […]


We had been in touch for a while via Skype. Making each other hot via the webcam, fantasies exchanged. He was actually a bit young (almost twenty years younger). But that dark, younger man’s attention caressed my ego incredibly. His body is tight, and he has a delicious cock. We often had conversations about my […]

Anne and her family

My name is Anneke and I have a brother Tom 2 years older and brother Bart 4 years older. Anneke is not my real name. Made up like all the other names in this story. Furthermore, the following story originated entirely from my own imagination. A month ago I saw my oldest brother Bart jerking […]

My second cousin

I really didn’t feel like doing anything that morning. I had coffee and decided to see if there was someone to chat with. Soon I had found someone and now the hours flew by. We first introduced ourselves. The man was called Ronald, was married like me and often worked at home. He was 5 […]