My second cousin

My second cousin

I really didn’t feel like doing anything that morning. I had coffee and decided to see if there was someone to chat with. Soon I had found someone and now the hours flew by. We first introduced ourselves. The man was called Ronald, was married like me and often worked at home. He was 5 years older than I am. The conversation quickly turned to sex. We told each other what we would do together. Suddenly he asked if I also had a webcam. I had it, and so did he. We put it on and from that moment on it went wonderfully hot. Soon we were both naked. He was jerking off and I took my vibrator with it. We were completely absorbed and we no longer chat. We now had enough of the images.

Who’s behind you?
Suddenly Ronald asked me who was behind me. I laughed and said that joke was canceled. I had the back door locked so no one could get in. However, he insisted that someone was standing there. Then I looked secretly and got the fright of my life. There was indeed someone behind me, my cousin, Thomas who often comes by. I did not know where to look and got a color. I tried to put my clothes back on quickly, but Thomas stopped me. He told me that I had a wonderfully horny body and that it gave him a boner. I asked him if he had been watching for a long time. He pulled down his pants and said he had been there long enough to get such a hard cock.

Thomas has just turned 18
I thought I had the cam on and Ronald could follow everything. I started to feel like Thomas and asked him how old he was now. He had just turned 18 the previous day, he told me and he said: old enough to fuck an aunt. He got a color of this himself. But I felt he meant it.

I also felt like playing with a real cock instead of just watching it on cam. I asked if Thomas objected to Ronald watching the cam, he didn’t care. He even suggested performing a nice show for Ronald. I quickly tapped this to Ronald and added that from that moment on I would not put anything in the chat screen. Ronald didn’t care at all. He planned to enjoy us wonderfully.

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