Anne and her family

Anne and her family

My name is Anneke and I have a brother Tom 2 years older and brother Bart 4 years older. Anneke is not my real name. Made up like all the other names in this story. Furthermore, the following story originated entirely from my own imagination.

A month ago I saw my oldest brother Bart jerking off in bed in his bedroom. He had the door ajar and attracted attention because of his breathing and squeaky bed. I stopped to look in the doorway and saw a movie on the screen of his phone. I recognized myself in the bathroom. I was bent over to paint my toenails. In my nude after showering. I never lock the shower like nobody here in the house. I was the only girl and two older brothers. I saw my butt clearly in the picture. My poo hole and pubic groove with my slightly bulging inner labia. I saw my little breasts dangle a little while bending over on the video. Then my brother came. He had quite a nice horny cock and a big cock. Huge bunch of pubic hair which was now covered with sperm. He took a roll of toilet paper from under his bed and cleaned himself. I quickly slipped into my own bedroom. I heard him take a shower later when I was lying on my bed fingering myself. Excited after seeing my brother. I didn’t show anything but was very curious about his cock.

The next Saturday I heard him in the bathroom. He had taken a shower that morning and was still shaving naked. We were alone with the two of us. I got out of bed. I took off my nightgown and walked naked to the bathroom. I said good morning to him and got into the shower. It was not customary to walk around the house naked, so he got a bit upset and immediately got a boner through the shower window. When I finished I asked him to hand over a towel. He handed it to me awkwardly so that it fell on the wet floor. Then I confronted. You don’t have to scare me naked, I teased him. You’ve seen my ass and pussy before. You are jerking off to my clip every day from when I did my nails. I took his hands and let him hold a chest and a buttock. “Now you can feel your little sister yourself.” I grabbed his cock and started jerking it off. “Well, I’ll jerk you off. You don’t have to do it yourself. ” I pulled hard on his cock. Must have hurt. He came quickly. His sperm squirted down my hand and wrist and against my lower abdomen. I licked my hand and wrist and walked to my room and got dressed.

We met again downstairs. He said that Mom and Dad were gone all day tomorrow. “Only Tom and you will be home.” “Why do you say that?” I asked. “Then maybe we can do something fun together. “Three sexes?” I replied. “No I didn’t mean that,” he replied. “I meant a day out or a barbecue at home or something. Do you mean that sexing? ” he asked curiously. I asked if Tom knew about that video too. Then the monkey came out of the sleeve. They had secretly made videos of me and shared them together. Me in the shower. That I am fingering myself in bed. That yesterday I was sunbathing outside in my bikini and playing with my nipples and pussy in a hot mood. I was also reading Mommy’s book of fifty kinds of gray. That confession excited me. I promised to organize something exciting for tomorrow. I went back to my room and looked for something in a junk box in my closet. Extracted two sets of handcuffs. Once bought for a stage performance at school last year. Unfortunately I did the exam for 4vmbo this year, but failed again next year.

Not very much girl, you are still young my mother had comforted me. Then sniffed around in Momma’s bedside table and grabbed her blindfold she once bought because she couldn’t sleep well at the time. Only used them for a few weeks and never again. In the meantime I heard that Tom was also at home with football and together I heard Bart and Tom talking that I wanted to do something exciting with them tomorrow.

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