We had been in touch for a while via Skype. Making each other hot via the webcam, fantasies exchanged. He was actually a bit young (almost twenty years younger). But that dark, younger man’s attention caressed my ego incredibly. His body is tight, and he has a delicious cock. We often had conversations about my fantasy: several men at the same time. A good housewife who can be used. Preferably dark men, but white is also allowed. All my life I have been an exemplary wife and mother, but now is my time.

During the last chat we also talked about work. When I told that I work in a lingerie store I saw his eyes shine. I did not tell you which store it is, but he said he would figure it out and surprise me with a visit. He would come and see which set would suit me. I joked that he wouldn’t come alone then.

Sunday was a quiet Sunday. I had not had many customers. It occasionally trickled in. And he came in half an hour before closing time. I was a bit shocked, but immediately felt a horniness coming up. He had found the store. And… he was not alone.

His three friends and I smiled opposite each other. One of them was clearly already very excited and looked at me more than the lingerie. His excitement was evident, a huge bulge in his pants, and he squeezed it regularly. They hung on for a while, but too many shoppers were still walking by. Pffff I was getting hotter, but it was very bad. After about twenty minutes they left the store. It was clear that it was not the right time today. Maybe the next day?

Monday was, as always, a super restful day. I had turned on Skype on my phone again, and it came online.

“How are things in the lingerie shop?” he asked.

“Very quiet, I have only had two customers,” I replied.

“We can come by again. Only it is so boring,” he replied.

I immediately felt a tingling in my pussy. I had already taken my string out in the morning, hoping for their second visit.

“Cozy!” I said. The more the merrier. They were back more than 45 minutes before closing time. They walked along the racks, occasionally taking out a set and asking my opinion. I felt more and more horny. It could be today. Fifteen more minutes. Shit, a customer? But no, she was immediately gone when she saw the four dark men in the store.

Ten minutes before closing time, how long that took! Nervousness and horniness alternate. I didn’t even know the names of the other three men. Five more minutes … I would close. I didn’t want to take the risk of another customer coming in.

So, closed, lights out. The men were already walking towards the changing room, with a set of their hands. I walked in their direction with a pounding heart. I walked into the pantry opposite the fitting rooms, and teasingly closed the curtain. But the curtain opened immediately.

“I didn’t think so!” Said my Skype friend. For a moment I realized that I was now alone with four horny men. A situation in which I was of course completely defenseless. But my horniness kept me from thinking about what could happen. I looked at them and took off my dress seductively. Their eyes widened when they saw that I was not wearing a thong.

“It is really a horny slut,” I heard someone say.

“Can someone help me to loosen my bra?” I asked.

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